Food Testing


– Complete microbiological, physico-chemical and chemical analysis of the starting materials, products and drinking water used in food operation in accordance with applicable legislation;

– Quantification of nutritional parameters of food, energy value, extraneous residues,  additives and allergens;

– Taking a smear for testing the effectiveness of disinfection;

– Microbiological evaluation of pollution in the environment of food processing establishments;

– Descriptive sensory analysis of food;

– Collection and examination of smears  from the surface tissues of slaughtered animals;

– Detection of environmental contamination by pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella, Listeria);

– Analysis of wastewater under current legislation,

– Determination of the bacterium Legionella pneumophila in water and environment /air conditioning/;

Supplementary services for the food industry

– Sampling and collection of samples to the laboratory by our own vehicles equipped with refrigeration units;

– Issue the test reports, in other languages-English, Hungarian;

– Sending the test reports in electronic format /informatively/;

– Making digital images of the analysed samples;

– Storage of samples for analysis or for control purposes (determination) of minimum durability in accordance with customer requirements in cold conditions with temperature control;

– Elaboration, review and approval markings (labels) of food and non-food products before and after marketing in accordance with current legislation and in accordance with food law;

– Assessment of product specifications and consulting the development and preparation the specifications, including recommendations for the scope advised characters and method of their assessment;

– Development and implementation of HACCP in all types of operations, including the development of operating rules for manufacturing plants, packaging plants, distribution warehouses, shops and caterers.

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